• Hariharan Karthikeyan

Leveraging the Brand: Vadivelu

Vadivelu is a famous comedian in Kollywood (Tamil Film Industry). He features in 90% of the memes created by Tamilans. Even during his movie releases his comedy might not have been praised like how it is since a few years. People have taken notice of his acting skills in hindsight. Ironically, the actor has stopped acting in multiple yearly projects from 2012.

Anyway, this article is not about brand Vadivelu. This is about how wittily Sun Television leveraged it. In the current lockdown period TV channels have been telecasting a lot of movies instead of their regular soap operas.

Every single channel is airing movies so how to differentiate your offering?

Sun TV cleverly leveraged the brand of Comedy King Vadivelu. They ran a promotion for their weekly movie schedule and in that they highlighted that this week is "Vaigai Puyal Vadivelu" week. Even though the movies aired have popular actors in them. They were called Vadivelu movies and even the promotion had only Vadivelu featuring scenes.

This is not something new but when I look at this as a marketer now, I can clearly see the marketing concepts getting deployed.

Differentiation, Brand Leveraging and Communication concepts are dealt brilliantly.

Even though I know marketing activities are involved in every single thing/activity around us, this particular Vadivelu Movie Week prompted me to write, hence; this article.

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