• Hariharan Karthikeyan

Marketing: iPhone SE 2020

An iPhone for $399 is a steal.

  • Apple has offered attractive yet appropriate features such that its other iPhones maintain their positioning in the market. iPhone XR being debated as a good buy in 2020 nearly 2 years after its launch is something worth noting of.

  • The communication: The introduction video as well as the website is world-class. These have a separate audience on its own. Both offers crisp communication explaining the critical points customers need to choose their phone.

  • The timing of the communication can't be better. Releasing it the very next day after Oneplus' phone reveal is nothing but Apple making a statement.

  • The Apple brand for a $399 is lucrative in this recession hit market.

Indian Scenario:

Apple iPhone SE 2020 won't perform as well as it is going to perform in the other markets.


2 reasons:

  • iPhone SE 2020: India Price

With prices starting from Rs.42,500. This is not value for money in a value driven market like India.

  • Oneplus 8: India Price

Oneplus' announcement of its 8 Series' India prices just buried the sales potential of iPhone SE 2020 in India. By pricing the Oneplus 8 at Rs.41,999 Oneplus is making a bold statement that India market is for Oneplus to rule.

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