• Hariharan Karthikeyan

Sometimes to Every time

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Most middle-class Indian children, including me, have been conditioned from our childhood to enjoy a little and work very hard. To be fair, we can't blame our parents or relatives. They wanted and want the best for us. But, the grooming methods weren't fair. We were fooled many times in our life. "Work hard. You can enjoy after 10th." Then, "Work hard. You can enjoy after 12th." Then, "Work hard. You can enjoy after your placements."

When did enjoyment become alienated from the journey of life and why did we think enjoyment as an end result?

In this journey of life, many:

  • forget their destination

  • forget to find their own path

  • lose their identity

So it's not shocking that life became tiring and strenuous.

What can we do about it?

At the end of the journey when you look back, you don't wanna feel void. You don't wanna fell regretful. You don't wanna have resentments.

Let's not wait for that to happen to change the way we approached life.

Let us change now.

Hey, you, smile now. You have time to look out the window and enjoy the journey.

It is never too late to find yourself.

Sit in silence and review your life.

Don't work on anything without love. Love what you do. Do what you love.

At the same time, don't be hard on yourself.

Don't stress yourself on this beautiful journey of life. Life is there to enjoy. Enjoy it. A famous movie dialogue comes to my mind, this dialogue itself will bring a smile onto your beautiful face. It goes like this:

"Medicine, Law, Business, Engineering: these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But Poetry, Beauty, Romance, Love: these are what we stay alive for."

It is from the movie Goodwill Hunting. Don't enjoy sometimes. Enjoy every time.

Smile. It's infectious.

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